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How To Pick The RIGHT Club Team: The 3-1-2-3 Rule

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

Someone recently asked me for my advice on how to pick a club team. Now, there are A TON of factors that go into this and every situation is different, but here is a systematic approach to help you get started! I call this the 3-1-2-3 Rule. 

1. Self-Assessment -- It’s important to know a few things about yourself when you start thinking about club teams. 

  • Skill and Ability: You need to be honest with yourself and know where you stand in comparison to other girls that might be trying out. Some players (and their parents) have unrealistic beliefs in their skills. Talk to your coach to get their honest feedback about your abilities.

  • Commitment: You want to know how much time you have and are willing to dedicate to club lacrosse. Some club teams are more demanding than others, so it’s good to know if your commitment level lines up with what will be expected of you. 

  • End-Game: Know your goals! What do you want to get out of this experience? Maybe you are just looking to develop your skills and elevate your game, or maybe you are trying to get college looks and get recruited, or maybe you just want to have some fun. Whatever your motivation, it’s important to know your “why.”

2. Team-Assessment -- Do your research! Learn about the local club teams so you know what your options are and can start to narrow down on the best option(s).

  • Location: Some locations have multiple teams to choose from and it’s important to know all of your options.

  • Cost: This is something that all parents want to know. You want to make sure that you know what you and your family can commit to financially. Some of these teams get a little pricey so make sure you find out what you’re getting for your dollar and make sure that it’s worth it.

  • Coaching and Team Dynamic: This is one that gets lost a lot with high school athletes. They get so caught up in playing for the “big-name” club team and don’t take the time to learn about the coaches they will be working with or their coaching style. You want to make sure that you are going to be playing for someone you respect in an environment where you will be successful. 

3. Goal-Assessment -- Some of this you won’t know until after getting exposure to different clubs, but they are still important things to consider to make sure that you are in the right place. 

  • Are you learning? It’s important that you are getting high ROI with your club. You want to make sure that YOU are improving and that YOU are getting better.

  • Are you having fun? Regardless of what you are trying to get out your experience, it’s important that you are having a good time and enjoying the time you’re spending with your teammates, your coaches, and ultimately the time you’re investing into yourself as a player!

  • Are you able to contribute to the team in a valuable way? This is where it gets a little tricky. It’s important that whatever team you decide to play for, you are playing a vital role on that team and contributing. 

Live in NC and are looking for a club team?! 

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