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At T-E-A-M Foundation, we are committed to fostering the growth and development of deserving student-athletes in our community. Our efforts revolve around providing them with exceptional opportunities to excel in both sports and academics, ensuring they achieve their full potential. 

As a donor, you are providing student-athletes with invaluable relationships, confidence to break down barriers and the opportunity to achieve their goals. Through T-E-A-M Foundation, athletes learn commitment, respect for others, stress management, social awareness, responsibility and failure, and how to win and lose with class and grace.

​Because of generous donors, T-E-A-M Foundation is able to provide opportunities for girls to learn, train and compete, no matter their financial discourse.  The success of our programs to allow girls with any background to participate, relies on donations.  Our donors believe in the power of sports.​ 

Contact us if you'd like to get involved! 


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