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Why aren’t college coaches answering my emails?

There could be a few reasons why all you’re hearing is crickets!

  1. Right now college coaches are focusing on their own teams. With the season in full swing at this point, recruiting efforts are on the back burner. Now is a great time for you to just focus on yourself and your own team. Make sure you’re taking advantage of the “down time” on the recruiting side and remembering why you play! HAVE FUN!

  2. They might not be able to contact you directly yet – depending on your grad year, certain programs may not have the ability to communicate with you directly. THAT’S OKAY. It doesn’t necessarily mean they aren’t watching or that they aren’t interested. There are recruiting dates that you should be aware of. Make sure you understand those as you go through your own recruiting!

  3. It might be a non-contact period! There are certain parts of the year where coaches cannot do evaluations or have contact with recruits. Again, it’s all about understanding the recruiting timeline!

Have questions about YOUR recruiting?! We can help!

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