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How Do I Make a Target List?

Creating a target list can be SUPER overwhelming!

If you have ever asked any of those questions, you are NOT ALONE! We see so many athletes get really frustrated with this particular step in the process. THAT'S OKAY!

We are here to help! Here are some tips for creating your very own target list:

1. Be open minded: there are TONS of programs out there from high level D1 to recreational club, and everything in-between! Having an open mind will help you put together a target list that's RIGHT FOR YOU!

2. Do your research! The internet is your friend! There is so much FREE information available, but you have to go and find it!

3. Cast a big net! It's important that you start with a large list (50-80) schools that you are interested in! (This is why the research portion is so important!)

Creating a target list can be overwhelming! But GETTING

STARTED EARLY gives you enough time to really do your research and seek out schools and programs that are appropriate for not only your skill level, but also check the boxes of your "must haves" list too!


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