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How Do I Know If I’m Being Actively Recruited?

As a recruiting coach I get this A LOT. What does “actively recruited” mean? I think there are a lot of different interpretations to this, but as a former college coach here is my theory.

You are being “actively recruited” if:

  1. You are conversing or communicating with a coach back and forth; a college coach’s time is extremely valuable. They aren’t going to waste time talking to recruits who they aren’t genuinely interested in. If a coach is making the time to talk to you, odds are it’s because they are interested in recruiting you!

  2. A college coach is asking you questions about your grades, interests, future, etc.; similar to point 1, if a college coach is taking the time to ask you questions and get to know you and what you are looking for, it’s because they want to make sure that what YOU want is in alignment with what they can offer as a school and as a program.

  3. You are being invited to a PROSPECT DAY or RECRUITING opportunity; not to be confused with just any camp or clinic, but if a coach is personally inviting you to attend a prospect day or some type of recruiting event, it’s because they want to see how you compare on the field to other players they are looking to recruit. This gives them a better idea and understanding of how you would fit on their current team and potentially fill in upcoming roster spots.

  4. Coaches are asking you to come to a game or to visit; if they are trying to get you on campus, they are VERY interested in you! Getting you on campus and even to a game gives YOU the opportunity to imagine yourself there. Is this a place you could see yourself? Do you vibe with the environment? Do you get along with the players? When I was a college coach I’d give a tour of the locker room, and that’s where I’d ask a recruit: “can you see your name being on one of these lockers?” Going to a game also gives you the opportunity for you to see, first-hand, the level of competition and interactions of the players while they’re on the field.

A college coach is making you an offer; this is kind of a “DUH” one, but people have asked me this before. If a coach is making you any type of offer, they want you!

Have questions about YOUR recruiting?! We can help!

Emma Rhines, Committed to Coker College her Senior Year

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