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So Are You a Club Team Or.....?

By Andrea Ervay, 08/04/17, 3:45PM PDT


What is TEAM Lax Academy and how is different from a club or travel team? 

How we differentiate ourselves… 


  • When we have a try-out it’s an assessment to see where a girl fits best in our program in terms of beginner, intermediate, or advanced instruction
  • We don’t have cuts - it’s not about finding the best players for our team; it’s about giving every girl, regardless of their skill set, a chance to learn the game of lacrosse and enhance their lax IQ 


  • Each of our programs and lessons are designed to help our girls realize their potential both on and off the field, and strive to reach their potential 
  • Self-confidence is key for young women; it’s imperative to instill proper values and morals as well as give girls the confidence to succeed in life by building them up throughout our sessions
  • Our coaching staff are the pillars for what TEAM stands for; our coaches have all played at the college level and/or have coached collegiate lacrosse so we understand the importance of paying it forward to the next generation of laxers in an ethical, professional, and energetic way!

Program Structure

  • We have a la carte options to provide flexibility to our families
  • We believe girls need a balance in sports and extracurricular activities in school; year-round lacrosse isn’t necessary - in fact, college coaches prefer to see girls who are well-rounded in multiple sports and involved within their community in other ways
  • We offer seasonal options
    • Lax Academy = once or twice a week practices and inter-squad scrimmages
    • Tournaments = add-on options or part of the Academy depending on location 
    • Recruiting = help players and parents weigh their options and create a personalized game plan academically and athletically to play at the next level
    • Group lessons/private lessons = get more one-on-one attention from your coach to work on what you need specifically, accompanied by homework assignments and player evaluations 
    • Box Lacrosse/Chumash = with smaller teams and smaller field options, these are faster paced games where girls get more touches on the ball, learn spacial awareness, and enhance their stick skills and shot accuracy 
    • Specialty Clinics = we bring in guest coaches who have played top-level lacrosse at highly-ranked DI schools to share tips and tricks for their specific clinic’s focus, followed by a recruiting seminar for parents and players 


  • We understand travel teams can be expensive and time-consuming; we want to give families the ability to pick and choose what time of year and what budget works best for them to make the right decisions for their lax experience to mold to their family life
  • Our goal is to provide each player and their family the ability to understand the game of lacrosse, the jargon and terminology in the lax world, and explain what the next step is for that family individually to make the most of their time, money and energy!


We understand it can be overwhelming at times, but want to assure you, our team of coaches are here to make it seamless and less stressful for you in the long run. You’re welcome to call any of us at any time - as this is our full-time (dream) job!